As I was preparing to write this piece, I thought it was important to provide some historical and political background regarding the cause of the dire situation that many in Khartoum, Sudan’s capital, are currently facing. It’s a sad inditement of Western media that these devastating events rarely enter mainstream conversation, and that our news outlets would much rather have us focused on speculating why Sherif has left the Love Island villa early.

Naturally with a conflict this volatile, there is an important backstory to consider regarding the toppling of genocidal dictator Omar al-Bashir, the subsequent control of the transitional military council (TMC) and the role that Western powers and Egypt have played over the last decade. There are also empowering moments to champion, such as the hundreds of Sudanese women on the frontline risking their lives in order to push forward women’s rights and freedom from the current regime.

But as I read this morning that the number of civilians killed has reached over 100 and that paramilitary units have carried out over 70 rapes in protest camps, this is not the time for analysis and dissection as the events are unfolding. It’s time to help. The people of Sudan are fighting against a tyranny that many of us will be lucky enough to never experience in our own lives and societies. Having seen the extent of the terror that a ruthless authoritarian government can inflict on its own people in Sri Lanka, as well as how the effects of the Darfur genocide in Sudan still linger today, it’s very easy for history to repeat itself if we turn a blind eye to what is really happening. It might seem insignificant, but raising awareness on social media, donating and showing support to those who are fighting for their freedoms is what we must do to help Sudan.

If you love the democracy you live in, make sure that someone else has the chance to have it too.



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